P2P Festival

What is Bushcraft? There are so many terms in use for what we mean by “bushcraft”.  Re-wilding is one of our favorites, but also survival, homesteading, and sustainable living.  We think of it as a journey towards a life of generalism.  We should know how to make and find food; we should be able to find water and shelter anywhere we go; we should be able to make the things we need even if we don’t always do it. These skills help us to understand the impact of our lives on others.   Instead of relying on corporations to provide our lives for us, we want to do it ourselves and to pass those skills along to you. These skills include flint-knapping, brain tanning, traditional archery, and many more!

Our goal is to pass on the knowledge and skills necessary to keep our culture’s primitive technologies alive. We strive to provide the most authentic, exciting and affordable courses possible. We believe that the practice of primitive skills fosters self-reliance, personal growth, sustainable lifestyles, and a unique sense of community as well as a deep awareness of the delicate planet we call home.
We started this school because of the amazing impact that the bushcraft philosophy has had on our lives, and our desire to share that with you.  As you join us for workshops, classes, or just to hang out around the fire, we believe that you will find the same unique sense of accomplishment, self-reliance, self-esteem and a wonderful sense of community with other people exploring primitive skills and lifestyles that we have found.

We have chosen to adopt and share a more sustainable lifestyle.  We have smartphones and like refrigeration, but also feel strongly that technologies of the past have a great deal to teach us about connection, and about meaningful, purposeful ways of life.

The North American Bushcraft School is a non-profit because we don’t want to make a ton of money, we want to make a difference.  We hope that this status makes it easier for you to both afford to spend some time with us, and to feel good about it.  If there is one idea we can get across here, we would want it to be that bushcraft is not solely for the macho military crowd.  We welcome and encourage everyone to give it a try.  Your brain, after all, is your sharpest bushcraft tool.  We can’t wait to see you here on the farm in Hedgesville, WV. Location information